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Growing up next door to Detroit on the north side of the border, Amy was introduced to the Techno scene at a young age. She became engrossed with the local underground warehouse parties, which provided her with euphoric experiences through sounds, dance, and the vibrant sub-culture of peopled unified by their love of music.


Following a move to London for studies, Amy worked at a high-traffic nightclub as a Manager where she took a special interest in the art of DJing. After a few lessons with the club’s resident DJ, she quickly bought two Technics 1200’s complete with mixer and hasn’t looked back since.


Amy has played in numerous clubs across Canada, the U.S, and further south in the Caribbean, filling up residencies in Toronto, London, Windsor, Grand Bend & the Cayman Islands. Her style is unique yet versatile across many genres, including deep house, tech house, progressive, electro/bangers, & commercial; with musical influences reaching beyond the bounds of electronic music, expanding to classic rock, 80’s heavy metal, and classical music.



Her greatest pleasure is watching others take a journey down her set, embraced in the wild adventure of the music she loves so much. The electric energy of a crowd, with whom she maintains a close bond, has always been a primary driving force in her obsession with DJing.


Her stunning looks and charisma yet down-to-earth personality makes for a gravitating combination, which simply captivates the audience.


Her goal is to create music that will breathe new life into the scene across the continents. And there is no doubt that with her talent, her determination and her work ethic she is bound to become a worldwide sensation. 



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